The malagasy culinary arts

Codal Madagascar

Shrimps cocktail with green peppercorn

Côte de Porc

Chops of pig with CODAL green peppercorn

Foie gras

Foie gras vanille “Imerina” au poivre vert


Lobsters with CODAL green peppercorn


there are two kinds of nosy-be sauces

Paupiette de veau

Paupiettes de veau au poivre vert


Terrine of duck with green peppercorn

Vodka “Mada” au poivre vert

Some recipes with the green pepper

CODAL suggests some recipes with the green pepper

Green peppercorn has a perfume that does not have any more dry pepper and its strength is much less large.
It can thus be used to replace the dry pepper with other condiments but in more significant quantity.

It is always necessary to rinse the green pepper with large water before use.
If you do not have the immediate use of all the box, the remainder will be perfectly preserved well, for one month or more to the fridge, in a glass container with a slightly salted water. ! Mahazotoa ! Bon appetit !

Tamatave Steak with green pepper

Select a thick steak and cook it as you like, well done or raw.
Separately, in a small bowl, pour two spoons (50g) of heavy cream, add one or two teaspoons of CODAL green peppercorns (according to your taste).
Crush with a pounder and mix it. Remove your steak from the pan.
Pour a teaspoon of whisky or cognac in the pan.
Add in the hot pan your green peppercorns sauce add a teaspoon of mustard, and mix it.
Then serve the steak covered with this sauce or apart.
You may also prepare a real “malagasy hamburger” by mixing a teaspoon of CODAL green peppercorns when you mince the meat.
Otherwise, your green peppercorns sauce can take place of ketchup!