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Pok Pok in light syrup

  • Pok Pok au sirop léger

Pok Pok in light syrup

The name POK-POK is original Madagascar. In other places, it is called « Physalis » or « Cape gooseberry » or « Winter Cherry« .

Product Description

Rich in vitamin C, the pok-pok has no kernel, which facilitates its use. Its subtle flavor is slightly tart / sweet, golden appearance is pleasant, it is a fruit kings of the island.
Ideal for color and unique flavor with a fruit salad.
Excellent on a pie, preparation widespread in Madagascar.
Can be served fresh. Very nice to garnish cakes. Tasty when it ismixed with ice-cream.
But it can also be used in the preparation of a duck or with foie gras, originality guaranteed!.


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